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4 out of 5 webmasters agree that winning the online real estate battle means having strong moral compass and understanding the difference between right and left when it comes to following the algorithmic road signs. Filling in more and more content is the name of the game but having a strong sense of what a community looks like to a web user can make the difference between a click and a double click. Scan the article for how many times it says spacious and you’ll realize that money doesn’t make something rank until it hits a critical mass *cough* ebay *cough*. When the day is filled with content creation, the engine purrs and stirs and stretches out and delivers the positioning you want. Much like the jaguar after which it is themed, it’s temperamental and wants to be pet in a very specific way. The housing markets with the biggest steaming piles of content on the front lawns float right to the top of the search result punch bowl. If you really want to get into some deep content, hours of internet research will tell you that the area is more up tight than a baptist sunday school teacher now leading a religious explorations class at University California at Santa Cruz. Pass the content to your left. Mirasol golf officials fancy themselves a really straight laced facility – just look at their membership requirements:

We would like to make sure that you’ve got all the necessary data for an enjoyable day within our club, and anticipate sharing our world class facilities along with you! We’re a private, members-only club, so please bear in mind when visiting our facilities, that guests should come with a present member, unless previous arrangements are made.

Golf Guests:
All players must register before the beginning of play in the Pro Shop.

Rate of play is 4 hours.

We request that they’re rigorously obeyed when signs are posted indicating that handcart journey is restricted to shopping cart paths simply.

We request you don’t enter environmental regions, which are marked with red ropes.

Golf Apparel:
Appropriate golf attire should be worn all the time in the golf course and training facilities. When in doubt, please inquire in the Golf Shop. The appropriate dress will be determined by the Golf Shop direction.

Shorts are not impermissible for both women as well as men provided they’re, of fair duration (at least mid-thigh), in the judgment of direction. Tennis shorts, swimming trunks, cutoff jeans, and fit-style shorts aren’t acceptable dress.

Collared golf shirts are compulsory for guys, and tops should be worn in any respect times tucked to the pant line. Tank tops will not be allowed.

Golf caps must be worn as designed, with the bill facing forwards and the nose turned up at least two socio-economic notches.

Sleeveless and collarless shirts and suitable women golf tank top, including those sold in a golf pro store, are not unacceptable.

Appropriate footwear comprises golf shoes with spikes that are nonmetal (spikeless soft spikes) and tennis shoes.

Their guests as well as all members must abide by the dress code.

Cash tipping is prohibited including valet, at Mirasol. A gratuity will be added to any or all services. All fees must charge themselves otherwise we will be forced to consider your inquiry an attempted robbery.

Using cell phones is prohibited inside all facilities, in the outdoor dining facilities, around the pool deck, and around the golf courses. Cell phones have to be turned on quiet mode and and calls needs to be answered outside. In fact we really prefer morse code whenever possible as it is the least disturbing to our 112 year old patrons, it reminds them of their crazy college days.

Smoking isn’t allowed in the outside seating or inside unless there’s enough grass for the class.

So maybe the country club isn’t exactly your crowd but at least you know you’ll be next to one of the nicest golf courses in the world when you hit the jackpot so you can plan your purchase ahead of time and choose which holes will become your private practice grounds and which will be used for giant slip n slides. In total Mirasol may be one of the first things on your go big list to purchase here http://www.jeffrealty.com/mirasol and probably the wisest as well. The 50 foot statue of tupac may have to wait until the HOA approves it but you can certainly buy enough stock in the Trader Joes corporation to truly test the validity of the promise “lifetime supply” of cookie butter.


real estate in the country club lifestyle


Upscale Homes In New Mexico

There’s a lot going on in real estate and developer circles in Rio Rancho New Mexico. These homes have been developed since the 1960s and back in the day, standards were the bit different than they are today. A 12 to 1400 ft.² home on a small lot with a couple of two or three bedrooms was enough for most families to make the trek out to beautiful new Rio Rancho real estate either as a place to live or investment. Later, various rules and regulations have impeded the progress of redeveloping this community to modern-day standards but to the influx of large tech firms Intel and Hewlett-Packard have brought in a great deal of pressure through increases in population who are interested in buying in this area. Rio Rancho NM real estate remains an optimal choice for many as its proximity to these corporations is just right to keep down on the commute traffic that would necessarily accompany someone living in Albuquerque trying to get to work. There’s close to million people in this region and half of them are within the city limits of Albuquerque so that makes Rio Rancho a very attractive choice for a lot of new home buyers.

Rio Rancho NM Modern home

You can see there is a lot a difference in homes of Rio Ranch just traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood. In one area, development has been successful while other areas are under gridlock due to various legal and zoning issues from developers in the past.

Rio Rancho  homes – Cloudy skies but bright prospects for nearby employers It wasn’t so long ago that Rio Rancho was little more than also ran as far as housing is concerned but enough of the issues with the original development have been overcome that it’s becoming attracted to a growing cadre of incomin homebuyers Along with that renewed interest comes a bevy of amenities and services. The city of Rio Rancho now calls itself the City of Vision. Their website lists the various libraries, parks and recreation and employment opportunities as well as news and highlights of current events.

 Rio Rancho is the city of vision




OC Homes

Along the coast of the beautiful state of California are some of the most amazing homes from condos to ocean view estates with panoramic views made almost surreal by massive glass walls that overlook the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find these kind of homes in areas like Newport Beach. These range widely but none are far away from the beach and ocean.

newport beach ca homes


Search Engine Optimization for Realty Websites

This home is styled in Mediterranean themes like those in Mirasol by this Palm Beach Gardens Realtor.



The Fun Place To Be at Home in Branson

The place where you want for fun filled events and entertainment all year around is none other than Branson Landing, Missouri.

They have everything from Santa Claus and the Christmas parade to the Texaco country showdown competition. Entertainment is abundant both on land and in the water. Take a ride on a yacht or steamboat or dine on fine fare with live entertainment.

If you are looking for Branson Landing real estate for sale, you’ll find a wide variety of both condos and full-size homes. If you’re not from around the area, you’ll find the prices to be absolutely amazing compared to what you pay in most resort areas. Even riverfront view luxury condos come in at under $400,000.

Simply put, you’re not going to run out of activities and fun in Branson Landing.Branson Landing property

Part Of The Story Of Captain Aguero

You see, this is the book that started it all. It was a marriage contract and it was pretty average as contract and marriages tended to go in those days.

File Huwelijkscontract Filips de Schone en Johanna van Castilië JPG Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

It was 1496 and the happy wedding day arrives on October 20 in present-day Brussels Belgium. The reason for that location is unknown to me. Now the betrothed were known as Philip and Joanna. Yes, that Joanna – the crazy one, or so she was deemed in the many efforts to usurp her of her right to the kingdom. Now before you get the idea that Princess Joanna was a happy child, consider that her mother was Isabella who was credited with discovering the New World. Of course, happiness had long departed the family which experienced more deaths in a shorter time not to be repeated again until the Clinton years. Joanna was not supposed to be queen of anything because there were plenty of siblings to take care of that dirty work. She was supposed to live a life of ease in the Castle and take trips and springs and summers to the rest of Europe to enjoy her royalty-ship.

That was not to be. Siblings died off one by one. Joanna was left as the oldest Child and it would not go to have a princess become queen without a king of sorts. To remedy this, she was betrothed to Philip the handsome. This was not the same as King Philip who lost the entire Spanish Navy. He was from Flanders and his dad was Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor. The marriage was one of those political alliance deals. That’s how political treaties were executed in those days, Through a marriage. Know this may be getting out the track from Captain Aguero but we will get there presently. Perhaps, even in this particular post. Perhaps not. Now back to Philip.

Philip was a philanderer from Flanders and no redhaired teenage wife was going to change his ways. Besides, he saw an opportunity to take the entire kingdom if only she could be stripped of her birthright to power. This is kind of situation where the designation of insane tended to come about in those days. You would have to be crazy to believe the rumors but anything would do to take control of the kingdom. Princess-now-Queen Joanna spent a lot of her time being locked up or otherwise manipulated by Philip.

After a brief respite from death in the family Joanna’s mom died in 1504. In the midst of the confusion that is typical after a queen dies and no less than 38 distant relatives try to claim legal right to the throne all at the same time, our crazy post-tween queen ordered capt. Aguero to take command of a ship that would sail from Hesperia in the new world, laden with gold which was needed to help pay for the vacation trip to Brussels. Not only that, but more funds were needed to commission a couple of extra paintings of Joanna for Phillip to show off to his foreign friends. Here she is in her royal beauty.Joanna of Castile Wikipedia the free encyclopediaThis was not a selfie because there were no iPhones for another 500 years. They didn’t even have telegraph. They did, however, have some really fast runners and riders.

Having received his orders, the captain caught the next cruise liner to Cuba. There, he took command of the new ship. Hey look it over and noticed that it had signs of being built a little too hastily. We have been assured that every ship could take the worst of beating the ocean could dish out, even fully loaded with 16 tons of Gold from the New World. The sailors did not seem to think so. In fact they were in a foul mood although the weather was quite fair and warm and balmy. The captain was too inexperienced to recognize that a foul mood among the sailors at this point in preparation for the journey was very unusual and he should have been asking more about their disposition. Hey very old local man regarded as somewhat a prophet by many had predicted a sudden end to the ship and most of its crew on its maiden voyage.

They set out on August 12th, the same day that Juanna had started her journey a few years before to the worst marriage in the history of Spain which was then known as Castile. A foul mood on the ship grew steadily worse until the captain ordered the beating of one of the officers who encourage the complaints of the crew. After he was beaten with 10 strokes of the rod the captain ordered the guard to secure him in the ship’s hold for three days to think it over. The officer looked around fiercely as he walked off the deck knowing that this was the last daylight he would ever see. The ship which bore the name Isabella destined to end as the prophet had claimed.

500 years later, A man named Philip got out of bed in his Delray Beach house in a community called Mizner’s Preserve where homes were pricey but gorgeous, and went to the beach. There in the sand was a single large gold coin. He picked it up. 

You want more? You’ll have to come back tomorrow. I’m ready to call it a real estate SEO marketing day.

Why to Live by the Beach

If you look at satellite images of the earth at night you’ll notice that most of the lights are clumped around the coasts. Sure there are densely populated cities in the midwest and parts of Europe that are largely landlocked but if you look at the coasts specifically, population density starts to spike. Why is this? The climates around the coasts are certainly more consistent and comfortable but with desirability comes some pretty steep prices. Let’s review a few options for beautiful coastal living:

First, imagine waking up and hearing rolling ocean waves, huge open windows, thin white drapes fluttering in and out matching the ocean breeze. Life couldn’t be better. Well how about if your prices were half that of typical US beachfront realty prices? In Thailand, island time is a standard of life. Everything around you look like a dream in Hua Hin Thailand where pristine beaches stretch for miles and the homes dotting the coastline mesh perfectly with the nature around them. This is no Long Beach where the city has swallowed the coastline entirely, this is a meld of nature and civilization embracing one another. The homes of Hua Hin are all reasonably priced and centered around resort, relaxation living. Your stretch of beach won’t be shaded out by sky rises, houses in Hua Hin are resorts in themselves.


On the other side of the planet, the Virgin Islands wait in warm equatorial atlantic waters. You may have to deal with more frequent squalls but the vacation lifestyle in the US Virgin Islands certainly makes up for it. The nightlife in the US Virgin Islands is perhaps the richest part of the island. Frequent cruise ships moving in and out never let the party die out and the celebrities that live on the island certainly add a flavor of exclusivity and excitement to the dialy life. US Virgin Island vacation rental homes make the process of literally living the dream affordable. You can still live in a property miles from any stresses of daily life without having to pay a mortage.      Quite a view from USVI rental home

If you don’t want to have to fly hundreds of miles for the nearest Olive Garden, your best bet is to call Jeff Realty in Jupiter Florida.

Auto Repair That Doesn’t Suck A Lemon

Whether your car is a lemon or a well maintained perfectly running machine, sooner or later it’s going to need service. If you’re in Anaheim you really in excellent company as far as auto repair in Anaheim is concerned. A name you might not immediately associate with auto repair is Mitchell Tire Service. 40 years in the same location they have in serving automobile owners in Anaheim with the highest level of integrity and honesty. People who go there soon discover that the owner Dave, will actually send them back home to drive around for a few more weeks if they have some life left in their brakes rather than unnecessarily replace them just to get an extra buck. When it’s time to fix your car in Anaheim head straight over to the best car repair shop in Anaheim: Firestone Mitchell Tire Service on 2146 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

 best auto repair in Anaheim CA

Listening to music now by the Beatles. The song is Come Together. He still has mojo filter and everybody knows it. I’m old enough to remember this song when it originally came out and that’s saying something. I can say it but if you say it I might punch you in the nose. Yes I’m getting older but that song is still cool. By the way there are plenty of new tires at Mitchell Tire Service as well.

as it says on their website, don’t let the name fool you. Tires are a small part of the overall business and they have been repairing cars for over 40 years. Nobody’s going anywhere. Everyone knows them and they are trusted and admired throughout the community. They also work with a lot of the extended warranty companies. Just ask. About the only repair they don’t do is transmissions. But they can give you good referrals.

Another song now.  Tuesday’s gone with the wind. Train roll on down the line.  Feel the wind blow outside my door.

Musings of an SEO Expert. Brought to you by Diet Coke and coffee. And remember, Tuesday’s gone with the wind.

What’s Good in Your Neighborhood

Bob Marley rocks. The world would be a better place if Bob Marley was playing on slow-and-go freeways and long DMV lines. In Disney’s master planned community in Florida, there are speakers in the rocks and fireworks every week. It would get somewhat creepy to live there year round but the idea of a super luxury neighborhood is nothing new. Florida has been doing it for a while actually. Look at Frenchman’s Reserve in Palm Beach Gardens: perfect climate? check. Tightly knit community? check. Palm trees and flowers? check. Affordable real estate? …well it depends on what you call affordable. Typical Frenchmans Reserve houses sell in the millions but if money aint no thing, they are most certainly affordable. If you’re wanting something a little cheaper maybe find a smaller sub-community in nearby Jupiter. Real estate in Paseos Jupiter is one of the more comfortable cozy and laid back places. Find your home their and crank the Marley.




The Power Behind Real Estate Agents

Real Estate is no cake walk. Buying and selling homes takes organization, dedication, and above all else, experience. Sara Duckett has been your friendly realtor in The Woodlands for over 13 years as you can see from her linkedin. The Woodlands is a very competitive market and many real estate agents take advantage of this competition and treat their clients like cattle. Never will you feel pushed or prodded by Sara. She will treat you like the person you are – someone with excellent taste in communities! The Woodlands Texas really is a beautiful area.

While travelling the winding roadways all over The Woodlands, you will not find any billboards, any signage at malls, or any other type of aerial commercial advertising common in other places. This is because they are limited to small size and height. Moreover, the entrances to the neighborhoods dwarf any signs for restaurants and commercial enterprises. Because of this community-wide consistency, landmarks are visible from a distance, for instance, you will see The Woodlands water towers that compete with trees for height in the Villages.

The Woodlands Development Company co-president Tim Welbes remarks that one has to live in the neighborhood for a while before s/he can be able to discover all the homes, shops, restaurants, schools, and parks hidden behind the tall trees. Nevertheless, it is the very woods that make The Woodlands Texas stand out. Without them, it would just be like many other master-planned comminutes in the region. If you are looking for The Woodlands Homes for sale, call Sara and you will never be bored. Find a wide range of entertainment joints, including the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, two Cinemark Theaters, billiards halls, bowling alleys, and numerous annual outdoor festivals, such as the Waterway Square Fountains (winter ice skating rink), among others.


Florida is another story. In the realty game, it takes more than a smile and a firm handshake to sell Palm Beach Real Estate. Jeff is perhaps the most experienced and dominant force in Palm Beach Florida realty. Every one of his markets is spectacularly competitive yet his clients keep coming back because Jeff is only tough with the competition; he is a genuine and dedicated real estate agent to his clients. Just look to the way he sells homes, Some of the most expensive estates in the country go to the highest bidder but often, buyers and sellers can be skewed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by making the wrong decision with an agent. Call Jeff and find your Mirasol mansion today. 561-346-8383

Roof Leaking In Arizona?

Well, you’re in good hands in Tucson. Check out the best in Tucson roof repair, offering everything from a simple fix to a whole new roof. Top notch and efficient, quality Tucson roofing contractors fix your roof and keep it in tip top shape.

Monsoon season is coming. Yes, torrential rains that come to Tucson every year and the roofs had better be ready. Fixing a Tucson leaky roof gets a little hectic and it can get harder to find a roofing repair company that isn’t a little busy.

roofing contractor


Honest auto repair available in Anaheim at Mitchell Tire Service


Albuquerque Fishing For Family Residences

Albuquerque Homes In Quadrants? You might say this easily defines the market of Albuquerque real estate for sale.

• North East quadrant: This area has ample higher-end, classy neighborhoods and lifestyles are quite upscale as a result of the wealthier class that resides here. The international balloon fiesta takes place in this quadrant of Albuquerque too. North East is also very popular for having the Sandia Peak aerial team.


• The North West quadrant: this part of the city is more often than not referred to by locals as the north valley due to the geography of its appearance. It has a couple of ranches and huge tracts of land. It also has a few upscale homes here and there. If you are looking for a wide tract of land to acquire or build your house, then this is the section for you, it will fit you just perfectly. This place is also suitable for older or tired people.

• The South East quadrant: with neighborhoods like Nob Hill and East Downtown, this is of Albuquerque is ideal for a small town person looking to lead a normal quality life. This is because there are many wonderful home options here and the agents to guide you through are quite a number.

• The South West quadrant: this section of Albuquerque houses, neighborhoods such as Atrisco, Los Padilla, Kinney, and the Barelas. All these will provide you with a variety of home choices as they have all the various sizes of homes or apartments for you as a person looking for a new home.

Albuquerque real estate is virtually all accessible financially, whether you are looking for a smaller house or condo, or a very spacious one. It’s critical that you speak to a real estate expert in the area before you go out house hunting. This advice applies to both investors and people planning on a home of their own.

Albuquerque fishing and homes

In summation, Albuquerque is an ideal place to buy real estate and not just for investment but for a home to live in. The people are friendly and the firm culture is healthy for people from all walks of life. The security in that city is also ideal for any investor. If still in doubts, there are innumerable magazines and websites providing information about Albuquerque real estate. Don’t wait a second longer to check them all out so as to be well informed about Albuquerque. Real estate agents are also quite necessary when deciding on how to successfully purchase real estate there.

Inspiring enough for a speech at a wedding by a maid of honor. Quiet enough to meditate while fishing and warmer than Calgary Canada homes for sale.