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Auto Repair That Doesn’t Suck A Lemon

Whether your car is a lemon or a well maintained perfectly running machine, sooner or later it’s going to need service. If you’re in Anaheim you really in excellent company as far as auto repair in Anaheim is concerned. A name you might not immediately associate with auto repair is Mitchell Tire Service. 40 years in the same location they have in serving automobile owners in Anaheim with the highest level of integrity and honesty. People who go there soon discover that the owner Dave, will actually send them back home to drive around for a few more weeks if they have some life left in their brakes rather than unnecessarily replace them just to get an extra buck. When it’s time to fix your car in Anaheim head straight over to the best car repair shop in Anaheim: Firestone Mitchell Tire Service on 2146 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

 best auto repair in Anaheim CA

Listening to music now by the Beatles. The song is Come Together. He still has mojo filter and everybody knows it. I’m old enough to remember this song when it originally came out and that’s saying something. I can say it but if you say it I might punch you in the nose. Yes I’m getting older but that song is still cool. By the way there are plenty of new tires at Mitchell Tire Service as well.

as it says on their website, don’t let the name fool you. Tires are a small part of the overall business and they have been repairing cars for over 40 years. Nobody’s going anywhere. Everyone knows them and they are trusted and admired throughout the community. They also work with a lot of the extended warranty companies. Just ask. About the only repair they don’t do is transmissions. But they can give you good referrals.

Another song now. ¬†Tuesday’s gone with the wind. Train roll on down the line. ¬†Feel the wind blow outside my door.

Musings of an SEO Expert. Brought to you by Diet Coke and coffee. And remember, Tuesday’s gone with the wind.

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