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4 out of 5 webmasters agree that winning the online real estate battle means having strong moral compass and understanding the difference between right and left when it comes to following the algorithmic road signs. Filling in more and more content is the name of the game but having a strong sense of what a community looks like to a web user can make the difference between a click and a double click. Scan the article for how many times it says spacious and you’ll realize that money doesn’t make something rank until it hits a critical mass *cough* ebay *cough*. When the day is filled with content creation, the engine purrs and stirs and stretches out and delivers the positioning you want. Much like the jaguar after which it is themed, it’s temperamental and wants to be pet in a very specific way. The housing markets with the biggest steaming piles of content on the front lawns float right to the top of the search result punch bowl. If you really want to get into some deep content, hours of internet research will tell you that the area is more up tight than a baptist sunday school teacher now leading a religious explorations class at University California at Santa Cruz. Pass the content to your left. Mirasol golf officials fancy themselves a really straight laced facility – just look at their membership requirements:

We would like to make sure that you’ve got all the necessary data for an enjoyable day within our club, and anticipate sharing our world class facilities along with you! We’re a private, members-only club, so please bear in mind when visiting our facilities, that guests should come with a present member, unless previous arrangements are made.

Golf Guests:
All players must register before the beginning of play in the Pro Shop.

Rate of play is 4 hours.

We request that they’re rigorously obeyed when signs are posted indicating that handcart journey is restricted to shopping cart paths simply.

We request you don’t enter environmental regions, which are marked with red ropes.

Golf Apparel:
Appropriate golf attire should be worn all the time in the golf course and training facilities. When in doubt, please inquire in the Golf Shop. The appropriate dress will be determined by the Golf Shop direction.

Shorts are not impermissible for both women as well as men provided they’re, of fair duration (at least mid-thigh), in the judgment of direction. Tennis shorts, swimming trunks, cutoff jeans, and fit-style shorts aren’t acceptable dress.

Collared golf shirts are compulsory for guys, and tops should be worn in any respect times tucked to the pant line. Tank tops will not be allowed.

Golf caps must be worn as designed, with the bill facing forwards and the nose turned up at least two socio-economic notches.

Sleeveless and collarless shirts and suitable women golf tank top, including those sold in a golf pro store, are not unacceptable.

Appropriate footwear comprises golf shoes with spikes that are nonmetal (spikeless soft spikes) and tennis shoes.

Their guests as well as all members must abide by the dress code.

Cash tipping is prohibited including valet, at Mirasol. A gratuity will be added to any or all services. All fees must charge themselves otherwise we will be forced to consider your inquiry an attempted robbery.

Using cell phones is prohibited inside all facilities, in the outdoor dining facilities, around the pool deck, and around the golf courses. Cell phones have to be turned on quiet mode and and calls needs to be answered outside. In fact we really prefer morse code whenever possible as it is the least disturbing to our 112 year old patrons, it reminds them of their crazy college days.

Smoking isn’t allowed in the outside seating or inside unless there’s enough grass for the class.

So maybe the country club isn’t exactly your crowd but at least you know you’ll be next to one of the nicest golf courses in the world when you hit the jackpot so you can plan your purchase ahead of time and choose which holes will become your private practice grounds and which will be used for giant slip n slides. In total Mirasol may be one of the first things on your go big list to purchase here and probably the wisest as well. The 50 foot statue of tupac may have to wait until the HOA approves it but you can certainly buy enough stock in the Trader Joes corporation to truly test the validity of the promise “lifetime supply” of cookie butter.


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