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What’s Good in Your Neighborhood

Bob Marley rocks. The world would be a better place if Bob Marley was playing on slow-and-go freeways and long DMV lines. In Disney’s master planned community in Florida, there are speakers in the rocks and fireworks every week. It would get somewhat creepy to live there year round but the idea of a super luxury neighborhood is nothing new. Florida has been doing it for a while actually. Look at Frenchman’s Reserve in Palm Beach Gardens: perfect climate? check. Tightly knit community? check. Palm trees and flowers? check. Affordable real estate? …well it depends on what you call affordable. Typical Frenchmans Reserve houses sell in the millions but if money aint no thing, they are most certainly affordable. If you’re wanting something a little cheaper maybe find a smaller sub-community in nearby Jupiter. Real estate in Paseos Jupiter is one of the more comfortable cozy and laid back places. Find your home their and crank the Marley.




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