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Why to Live by the Beach

If you look at satellite images of the earth at night you’ll notice that most of the lights are clumped around the coasts. Sure there are densely populated cities in the midwest and parts of Europe that are largely landlocked but if you look at the coasts specifically, population density starts to spike. Why is this? The climates around the coasts are certainly more consistent and comfortable but with desirability comes some pretty steep prices. Let’s review a few options for beautiful coastal living:

First, imagine waking up and hearing rolling ocean waves, huge open windows, thin white drapes fluttering in and out matching the ocean breeze. Life couldn’t be better. Well how about if your prices were half that of typical US beachfront realty prices? In Thailand, island time is a standard of life. Everything around you look like a dream in Hua Hin Thailand where pristine beaches stretch for miles and the homes dotting the coastline mesh perfectly with the nature around them. This is no Long Beach where the city has swallowed the coastline entirely, this is a meld of nature and civilization embracing one another. The homes of Hua Hin are all reasonably priced and centered around resort, relaxation living. Your stretch of beach won’t be shaded out by sky rises, houses in Hua Hin are resorts in themselves.


On the other side of the planet, the Virgin Islands wait in warm equatorial atlantic waters. You may have to deal with more frequent squalls but the vacation lifestyle in the US Virgin Islands certainly makes up for it. The nightlife in the US Virgin Islands is perhaps the richest part of the island. Frequent cruise ships moving in and out never let the party die out and the celebrities that live on the island certainly add a flavor of exclusivity and excitement to the dialy life. US Virgin Island vacation rental homes make the process of literally living the dream affordable. You can still live in a property miles from any stresses of daily life without having to pay a mortage.      Quite a view from USVI rental home

If you don’t want to have to fly hundreds of miles for the nearest Olive Garden, your best bet is to call Jeff Realty in Jupiter Florida.

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